Agenda 7th April , 2013



1. Meeting call to order

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Approval of the meeting minutes of 6th Jan 2013.

4. Approval of WFNaa Privacy Policies including Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

- Approval of specific written opt-in, opt-out notice and other measures (e.g. bulk emails, SMS) to comply with new law

- Consistence of off-line and on-line privacy ( data protection) practice.

5. Closing Activities at 29th June 2013

- Dinner

- Approval of Promotion Initiatives: Press Release & Photos

6. Membership

- Approval of Grandfather Clause+ Administrative fees of HK$100

- Approval of Member application form and Time Machine Survey form



7. Webpage updated

- Approval to upload Disclaimer, Copyright, Privacy & other notice to be uploaded online


8. A.O.B.

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